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agree are more harmful than what obama is proposing by raising the upper two brackets. and then this party that paraded around as the big deficit hawks, the guys that wanted to control spending, the only cuts they put on the table is playing at margins, increasing retirement age from 65 to 67 and adjusting rates for social security. this hasn't presented itself as a party that wants to cut spending. on one hand you have president obama's proposal, which most agree is the responsible way of raising the debt, raising rates. and responsible cuts on entitlements and discretionary spending versus republicans who are divided against something that is a chicken hawk when it comes to the deficits, that is the boehner approach, or the more extremist position which is absolutely nothing.ç so this is an extraordinary position for the republican party to have evolved into. >> you must respond to what julian just said. >> i like julian an awful lot but i think what he said is entirely wrong. it's fascinating president obama last july, july of 2011, said we can get $1.2 trillion i
obama to draw up a fiscal cliff bill they would like to see. now, there's talks from the senate side that that bill could possibly look like the $250,000 or below tax cuts, an extension of unemployment benefits or getting rid of the sequester. whether that could get through the house remains to be seen, but from where we are right now, the friday before christmas, john boehner is not communicating with president obama and has removed himself from these negotiations. >> well, he may not be mike brown, but he could be mike d'antoni. even senate majority leader harry reid expressed some sympathy for the political beating that boehner is taking right now, but do you see any indications that he'll now have no choice but to negotiate in good faith with the democrats? what choice does he have left? >> wow, imagine that. imagine the republican caucus actually negotiating in good faith with democrats. we could only hope for something like that. luke, your coverage of him this last night was spot on. i'm curious as to whether or not the chuckle heads, what kind of strategy they have going forw
to get a deal passed by next friday, the last day congress is in session. president obama and house speaker john boehner know they have to reach agreement this week if there's to be a deal, which is why they met behind closed doors on sunday. spokesmen for both men say that lines of communication remain open with the president reiterating today that he's up for a big deal. >> i have said i will work with republicans on a plan for economic growth, job creation, and reducing our deficits. i'm willing to compromise a little bit. but if we're serious about reducing our deficit, we've also got to be serious about investing in the thiges that help us grow and make the middle class strong. >> as for speaker boehner, he continued his political posturing today with a statement. quote, the republican offer made last week remains the republican offer, and we continue to wait for the president to identify the spending cuts he's willing to make as part of the balanced approach he promised the american people. that said, an increasingly limber group of republicans are showing flekx 5eb89 on highe
of all, we want to say merry christmas. >> president obama is cutting short his christmas break with the fiscal cliff looming large. >> the fiscal cliff gets closer. congress now has six days left to make a deal. >> aloha, hawaii. >> to my republican colleagues, the ronald reagan model is if you get 80% of what you want, that's a pretty good day. >> they were this close. they were this close to a solution. >> he's going to get tax rate hikes. >> are we going over the cliff? >> i believe we are. >> be republican and be conservative and pass a bill that cuts tax. >> boehner has no control over his extreme right wing faction. >> should anybody's taxes be raised at this point? answer yes or no. >> no. no. ♪ >> we begin as president obama and the senate head back to washington set for one last effort to avert the first fiscal cliff. aloha means good-bye for the president as he packs bound for the white house tonight. the president cutting short his vacation leaving michelle and the girls behind as he gets back to work to try to prevent tax increases and spending cuts due to begin n
with these talks says that president obama is not going to be offering anything new during this afternoon's meeting. he's essentially going to be saying what he said at the white house last friday when he called on congress to put forth a package that would extend bush era tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less, extend unemployment insurance benefits, as well as stave off some of those deep spending cuts that are set to go into effect. the president is going to make the argument that he believes this can pass through both houses, but, of course, there is a big question mark over that. i have been speaking with republican aides on the hill who say house republicans are really waiting to see what the senate does at this juncture before they weigh in on anything that the president might say during today's meeting. but, of course, we will have to wait and see what actually happens. we're hoping the congressional leaders will talk to us and we'll have more information about what happened. >> it seems the political dynamics essentially in this meeting are -- he's not putting anything new on the table
for secretary of state from the obama administration who happens to be a person of color and a woman. a rhodes scholar, a doctoral recipient from oxford university, an extraordinary broad career at the state department so to speak in terms of foreign relations and the like. this is a sad day in american politics. she didn't get a hearing. she was vetted informally and, therefore, rejected outside of the parameters of legal and formal power, and as a rul of that, i think this is a witch hunt in the worst fashion that it could ever be. >> before we talk to jonathan alter and ari melber, let's bring in chuck todd who is at the white house. chuck, has there been some reaction from the president responding to ambassador rice's letter? >> reporter: well, there has. he accepted this decision by her, and this had been -- he had been -- this had been weighing on him, this issue of the idea of watching what he believed and you talked to folks that are close to him that susan rice was essentially being bullied a little bit, being attacked by some senate republicans, unfatherly u unfairly he thought. he m
in the real world. consider what we're thinking about, what we're talking about right now. obama, who won the election with an overwhelming electoral college mandate has put forward exactly what he campaigned on, which is sensible tax reform allowing the top 2% of the tax -- of rates to increase on the top 2% of tax earners and spending cuts. we've had a trillion in spending cuts already, $800 billion additional in the drawdown from the war efforts in afghanistan and iraq, and then a number of spending proposals that obama put on the table in august of '11. consider that against what republicans are doing, and this shows that republicans are really chicken hawks when it comes to reducing the debt. they have a plan on tax reduction which most economists think would do far more harm than the obama plan would. secondly, they fail to specify what kind of cuts they want. remember, this is the party that's campaigned for two election cycles now on cutting government spinding, but when you ask them to identify exactly what you want to cut, you get mishmash from them. you get $100 billion in medi
of hirs campaign. he thinks he won it. >> president obama has been re-elected. >> to get a deal done, you're going to have to have higher tax rates on the top 2%. >> the one thing the republicans have going for them is they're leaning on erskine bowles. >> i heard what you were saying. you know nothing of my work. you mean my whole fallacy is wrong. >> i'm happy to be flexible. i recognize i'm not going to get 100%. ♪ >> it certainly 'tis the season and whether you're counting the days to the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, christmas day, or judgment day, there's much to do and not much time to do it. as for us, we're counting down the minutes to house speaker john boehner who will be lighting the capitol christmas tree 234 just about an hour. if you're among the wealthiest of americans, then, boy, does boehner have a gift wrapped for you. in republicans' counteroffer to avert the fiscal cliff, the rich get to keep their bush era tax cuts, even as the boehner budget slashes $1.2 trillion in spending, half of it from medicare, medicaid, and other social programs. it is a lump of coal del
-election of president obama validates his particular approach here, which is that middle class people should not have a burden placed upon their shoulders. the working classes should not be punished, and god knows the working poor should not be further marginalized in this economy by trying to give goodies and treats to the republicans. they are playing grinch for -- the grinches who stole the christmas of working class people here, and president obama is trying to talk about the spirit of generosity and common sense of the american people. so what he's been trying to say is, i'm not going to budge, and i think he's got a reassured approach here. the american public has spoken. president obama has girded up his lions and he's digging in his heels. it may be one of these right before the stroke of midnight that he says, look, i have no other choice here. we're not going to have this mexican standoff, so to speak, and i have to get out of the way in the game of chicken. recogniz otherwise, ear all going to be soup at the end of the day. >> harry reid cites paul ryan as one of those giving boehner heart
barack obama. >> the school's staff did not flinch. they responded as we all hope we might respond. wait for the good guys, they're coming. and we know that good guys came. can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children safe from harm? we can't tolerate this anymore. surely we can do better than this. ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace >> beautiful sound there from "saturday night live." let's get to our panel. karen finney is an msnbc political analyst, ana marie cox is a columnist for the guardian and steve kornacki is my colleague. steve, we checked the website of one online gun supplier for the sort of rifle that was used by the individual on friday. i think we have video of it, and they're almost completely sold out. now, a new abc/"washington post" polls believe newtown is indicative of broader problems in american society. so do you think this time things are different? the circumstances, the context, this time for a conversation about gun control is different? >> it is. and the pressure i think is going to be more intense in the days, weeks,
president obama. >> this is a solvable problem. i do remain optimistic that we can get something done that is good for families. ♪ >>> it's exactly one month since the president's resounding re-election, but if you thought the campaign was over, you'd be wrong. in the fight over the fiscal cliff, the president is again reaching out to voters for their support. this afternoon a northern virginia family got a special visit after sharing their story about how a $2,200 tax increase would hurt them. and for the president, it was a chance to remind the public and congress that without a deal, taxes will go up for everyone at the end of the year. >> the message that i think we all want to send to members of congress is this is a solvable problem. the senate has already passed a bill that would make sure that middle class taxes do not go up next year by a single dime. it's very important that we get this done now, that we don't wait. >> with just 26 days before the country goes over the edge, the president and speaker boehner spoke last night, both are staying mum about what exactly was sai
but to agree to the other side of the debate. everybody agrees that the obama administration has won the debate on the met ta issue right now. and that is the tax rates. they won the debate. once you solve that issue, it's a question of finding another 500 or 600 billion in tax cuts. which i think the two sides are not that far. but they can find that money. the point here is i think this deal is largely done. and i think this is mostly theatrics. and all a function of the fact that boehner is a weak speaker and he has to slow walk his caucus into this position that they've lost when everybody already knows they lost the debate. >> but jared, here's the question. the president appears to still be compromising or willing to compromise even though as julian just says, there's really no engagement from speaker boehner in terms of substantive change. we had the president talking of increasing from 400 to 600. he's talking about corporate tax reform. all of these things are things the president is compromising on. what's boehner doing? >> actually, i think that there is no deal absent compromise. an
changes over the next several years somewhere between one to three justices, and president obama will be able to appoint those justices. there's got to be some folk in the marriage equality activist community who would rather see this taken up a little bit later, but it's still good that it is. >> because at the moment, professor peterson, we're talking about them taking it up in march, aren't we? >> that's probably too soon, but there are some issues of import that they will be watching closely. remember, two federal judges have already sort of ruled against the ban prop 8 in california. it will be interesting to see if the supreme court follows those federal judges or if it will politicize this a little more and support prop 8. very, very interesting to see important social issues on the table for the supreme court but i think the timing makes us a little conflicted about it. >> allian, ev . >> julian, speaker boehner has the president is marching the nation to a cataclysmic fiscal cliff. >> this ised kind of job owning you expect and i think all speaker boehner is looking to g
obama when he comes out to address the nation in the wake of one of these horrific shootings. he made the point that everyone's heart is breaking as we watch these events unfold in connecticut. also made it clear that connecticut's tragedy is the nation's tragedy. i thought it was interesting that he made the point that now is the time for meaningful action despite the politics of it. of course, what does that action mean? what will it look like? that will be revealed in the coming days and weeks. but certainly a call there for some sort of legislative action in the wake of another tragic shooting. president obama also reached out to fbi director muller, spoke with the governor of connecticut, dannel malloy. you heard him reference those phone calls and talk about the fact he not only called to extend his condolences to governor malloy, but to make it clear the federal government is standing with connecticut right now and will offer its full support as it begins to deal with this unspeakable tragedy. now, the president was alerted about these incidents at 10:30 this morning by his nat
, this is the fourth time that we will have seen a mass shooting under president obama's leadership. each one very difficult, obviously, for the nation and for him. president obama has talked about the need to enact different gun laws in the past, to reinstall the ban on assault weapons, to take other measures to crack down on gun violence. and the justice department has also kicked around some ideas that got shelved. this white house has come under a lot of criticism for not doing more. for not trying to enact different measures and trying to take bolder action in the past. however, i do think and according to white house officials this is also just a tough one for president obama given how young all of the victims are. they say this has been wrenching for him as it has been for the rest of the nation. >> i think that was obvious in all the public appearances. he was brokenhearted by what happened. on the fiscal cliff, kristen, the president said he's still optimistic. he says there's a few hundred billion dollars separating the two sides, but how did the talks go so wrong at this point? because
,000 a year. the bush era tax cuts will expire at the end of this year. obama was elected with a surplus of about 3 million votes. he won the election, he campaigned on this issue. again, the speaker can't take yes for an answer. the president has presented to him something that would prevent us from going over the cliff. it was in response to something the speaker gave to the president himself, but, again i guess with the dysfunctional republican caucus in the house, even the speaker can't tell what they're going to do because he backed off of even his own proposal. mr. president, the house, we hear this so often, is controlled by the republicans, and we acknowledge that. i would be most happy to move forward on something that senator mcconnell said they wouldn't filibuster over here that they would support and boehner would support it if it were reasonable, but right now we haven't heard anything. i don't know, and it's none of my business, i guess, although i am very curious, if the speaker and the majority leader, the republican leader over here are even talking. what's going on here
obama seemed to draw a line in the sand on the fiscal cliff negotiations. take a listen. >> flt we'if we're going to be about deficit reduction and debt reduction it's going to have to be a matter of shared sacrifice at least as long as i'm president and i'm going to be president for the next four years i hope. [ cheers and applause ] >> joining us now, julian epstein, a democratic strategist and dr. james peterson, an associate professor at lehigh university and a contributor to welcome, both of you. julian, when you hear the president talk like that, do you get the sense that the white house believes it will not be blamed if no deal materializes and also now we hear the house is going to take a pass on a vote today. >> yeah, i think the house will likely vote tomorrow or the next day, so that won't matter so much. i think all the polling shows that the public was blaming and would blame the republicans if we had an economic calamity that resulted from not having a deal, and i think as to the president's performance today, i think it is important not to gloat, but it is als
was trotting out his same old tired talking points about slow walking toward the cliff. >> president obama and senate democrats haven't done much of anything. their plan b is to slow walk us over the fiscal cliff. i did my part. they've done nothing. >> you can't see it there, but just behind the podium, those are the gyrations harry reid is talking about. let's bring in nbc's mike viqueira who is live for us on capitol hill. mike, what on earth is going on? in simple terms, what is going on? >> reporter: well, you know, martin, a lot of people are asking the same question you're asking, and that is is the squeeze worth the juice here and what the republican leadership is doing in the house of representatives. clearly, martin, at this point you have to say that the odds that the nation is going to go over the cliff have increased quite significantly over the past few days. you know, when they stopped arguing about the principle of raising taxes last weekend and started getting into the nitty-gritty numbers, that was reason for optimism. the trouble is a lot of people hadn't finished arguin
some of the other ideas that president obama is considering is limiting those high capacity clips or at least proposing legislation that would do that. and just generally cracking down on the violence -- the culture, i should say, of violence as well as increasing background checks, making sure that everyone who buys a gun has to undergo background checks. those are some of the other ideas being considered. one of the key questions is does he put forward an executive order, propose legislation, does he do both? what's interesting, martin, is if you talk to folks within the white house, they say immigration was going to be certainly one of his biggest focuses as he begins his second term. now this issue of gun violence has really risen up, and this is now going to be one of president obama's main policy concerns as well, which is not to say he's not going to be focused on immigration as well, but this is certainly going to be something he's quite focused on. >> jay carney, the president's spokesman, said the president was in favor of reinstating senator feinstein's assault weapons
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)